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Mouth guards are coverings worn over teeth, and often used to protect teeth from injury during sports. Gum sheilds and head protection should be worn when involved in contact sports.


There are three types of mouth guards:


* Stock mouth protectors

These are pre formed shop bought guards – they are however quite large and little can be done to get a comfortable fit. They don’t offer very much protection.


* Boil and bite mouth protector

These are also shop bought pre formed guards. However there fit can be adjusted slightly by placing in hot water until soft & then place it in the mouth to form a mould.


* Custom-fitted mouth protectors

These are custom made in a dental laboratory. They offer the best protection and most comfortable fit as they are designed accurately around the wearers mouth.

These custom fit mouth guards cost approx. €75.00


Why should I wear a mouth guard?

Mouth guards along with appropriate head protection are recommended to be worn by anyone participating in a contact sport.
They offer protection against trauma which may be caused by a blow to the face or a fall, lowering the risk of a dental injury.


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