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Welcome to Oranmore Endodontics

We are based at The Oranhill Dental Suite, Old Limerick Road, Oranmore, Galway This practice is limited to endodontics.

Endodontics (also known as Root Canal Treatment (RCT)) is that specialty that deals with the tooth, the dental pulp and the surrounding tissues. The scope of endodontics includes, but is not limited to:

  • the differential diagnosis and treatment of oral pains of pulpal and/or periapical origin

  • vital pulp therapy such as pulp capping and pulpotomy

  • nonsurgical treatment of root canal systems with or without periradicular pathosis of pulpal origin

  • and the obturation of these root canal systems

  • selective surgical removal of pathological tissues resulting from pulpal disease

  • intentional replantation and replantation of avulsed teeth

  • surgical removal of tooth structure such as in root-end resection, bicuspidization, hemisection and root resection

  • root-end filling endodontic implants

  • bleaching of discolored dentin and enamel (teeth)

  • retreatment of teeth previously treated endodontically

  • and treatment procedures related to coronal restorations by means of post and/or cores involving the root canal space.

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